Meet the Directors

Theophilus Chinedu Nwobi, fondly called the King of Happiness is a seasoned entrepreneur, coach, philanthropist and family life consultant. He is the Managing Director of Ultra Bliss Homes, a property development company delivering safe, serene serviced communities that foster wholesome living for families.

As an entrepreneur with diverse business interests, Chinedu leverages over 20 years of experience running businesses with his competencies as a coach and performance consultant to support SMEs create scalable systems for their businesses. He also consults with individuals and families to build sustainable wealth management plans.
Chinedu Nwobi is family centric. As such, he delights in working with couples to set effective systems to achieve a work-life harmony and build lasting family legacies. With his wife Chidinma, they co-run the Flourishing Together Couples Project where they equip couples with the skills needed to enjoy a team centred thriving marriage. They also support intending couples to prepare for a successful marriage with their Preparing for Bliss Project.

He is the co-founder of Happify Humanity Project with an audacious vision to leverage technology, community and coaching to support at least one billion humans with the tools for human flourishing by the year 2031.

He is a certified Results Coach and Performance Consultant, a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistics Programming and a certified Practitioner of Family Systems Engineering. He also holds a Masters degree in Guidance and Counseling. Chinedu is a registered member of Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN), Association of Professional Counsellors in Nigeria (APROCON) and the Network of Family Systems Engineering Practitioners (NFSEP).

He is married to his partner in bliss, Chidinma Nwobi with whom he co-authored The ABC of Intentional Parenting: How to Love, Lead and Influence Your Child with Ease. They are blessed with four amazing children.
Chidinma Nwobi
Chidinma Nwobi is fondly called the “Queen of Happiness and Human Flourishing” as she loves to inspire and educate people on the science of human flourishing, wellbeing and resilience. She is a Director of Ultra Bliss Homes.

Chidinma is a well sought after thought leader, coach, speaker and trainer. She lends her voice to local and global conversations on individual, family and organisational wellbeing and flourishing. In 2020 and 2021, she presented workshops at the annual Family Life Coaching Association Conference, USA.

She was featured in Guardian Newspaper as The Guardian Woman in 2021 and continues to appear in leading national televisions and radios in her home country Nigeria to share practical insights that fosters flourishing at home, at work and in life generally.
She is a well trained and experienced Practitioner of Positive Psychology and an Applied Positive Psychology Coach from The Flourishing Center, USA. She is a licensed Emotional Intelligence Assessor and a Practitioner of Emotional Intelligence from Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network, USA. She is also a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

She is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network, USA, Family Life Coaching Association (FLCA) USA, Life Coaches Association of Nigeria (LCAN) and the network of Family Systems Engineering Practitioners (NFSEP)

She is the founder of Happify Humanity Project with an audacious vision to make the tools for Optimal Mental and Emotional Wellbeing, Human Flourishing and Meaningful Living accessible and affordable to at least one billion humans by 2031.

She worked in the banking sector for about 8 years before voluntarily resigning to pursue a career in creating replicable systems and easy to adapt solutions to foster human flourishing, resilience and wellbeing in individuals, families and in the workplace.

She has authored 4 books; Happify Your Life: What You Need to Start Your Day Energised, Live Your Best Life and Go to Bed Happier, That Scam called Happiness: How to Enjoy the Kind of Happiness You Only Dream About Even in Trying Times, How Stella Wore Shorts to the Beach: My Journey from Shyness to Confidence and The ABC of Intentional Parenting: How to Love, Lead and Influence Your Child with Ease, which she co-authored with her husband.

Chidinma serves as the Director of Studies at the Institute of Family Engineering and Development where she doubles as a Master Trainer of Family Systems Engineering. With her team, the Institute has trained over 800 Family Life Practitioners in the Family Systems Engineering approach to Marriage and Family Flourishing from 2016 to date. Chidinma is married to her partner-in-bliss, Chinedu Nwobi and they are raising four amazing kids, with whom they are living their family legacy of raising other happier families.
Nwobi Kizito Netochukwu is a certified Project Manager (PMP). He was awarded a Master’s Degree in Information Technology from University of Lagos.

An alumnus of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka with a degree in Mechanical/Production Engineering .

Kizito is an exprienced project manager that utilises his leadership skills to supervise and execute all ultrabliss homes ltd projects .

Ultra Bliss Homes Ltd. is a property development company set to deliver sophisticated buildings and infrastructures in our modern serviced communities that will serve as a home to modern families.

Our aim is to advance family wholeness through property investment and development, making our society and country a better place, one family-centric community after another.

It is true that the family is the component that makes up the society, hence, it is our desire to create safe spaces and homes in environments that allows families, both parents and children, live wholesomely. We have begun this journey with the launch of our maiden estate, Serenity Court … where family comes first.


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