If the question “who runs the home?” is posed to you, What response would you give? You would most likely say “The man, of course.” After all, the society that we live in tells us that the father is the head of the family and the provider, so, by default, he “runs” the home. But in reality, the woman makes decisions such as daily meal choices, clothing choices(including for the man), the school that the children attend, the location that the family resides, and many more.
Even the western world agrees that a happiness of the home is determined by the happiness of the mother/wife. Happy wife, happy life. So, who really runs the home? The man who provides the “resources”? or the woman who manages both the man and the provided resources? This just proves that both the man and the woman have major roles to play in running the home.

While some people believe that men are superior to women or vice versa and that position must be proven in the home, some believe that the greater provider (whether the man or woman) should be the head of the home. However, we believe that the team mentality is what makes running a home effective. Both parties understanding that coming to build a home requires more team effort than titles is what ultimately cements the foundation of the home. Therefore, it should be established that decisions are made by both partners equally or by whichever partner makes the better choices (as agreed by both parties)

If you give it some thought, you’ll see that the man and wife must be able to cooperate to create a pleasant environment for the entire family. The home cannot be handled by one person. Women are usually assigned to take care of the home and children, while men are assigned to work. Even if the case is vice versa, the survival relies on both roles as they carry the same weight of importance. The tasks that come with running a home must be divided between both parties and they must realize the importance of placing those tasks above their ego and gender.

Like the proverb “two heads are better than one,” when it comes to a home, team work makes the home work. But two cannot work together unless they agree. This is why it is always advised that intending couples should have a deep conversation about the roles they will be playing when they finally come together to build a home.

So at this point it’s safe to say, although we know the man is the head of the family but with team work, both the Man and wife run home together.


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